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GST Registration

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GST stands for Goods and Service Tax. It has been implemented from 1st of July, 2017 bringing Indian indirect tax regime at international standards. It is focused on relieving Industries from following multiple and complex tax structures and bringing them on single tax platform i.e. GST.

GST is expected to cut off the current compliances and improving ease of doing business small businesses in India. Under the GST, all entities involved in buying or selling of goods or providing services or both are required to get registered for GST. Although for entities having turnover below the prescribed turnover of Rs. 20 lacs GST registration is not mandatory.

GST Registration

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A static website is made up of a set number of pre-built files that are hosted on a web server. The “client-side” programming languages HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, executed inside the user’s web browser, were used to construct these pages.

The server replies by sending the requested HTML file together with any accompanying CSS and JavaScript files when a user provides a URL to the server to request a page.

Static websites frequently include brochures, portfolios, one-off landing pages, and other informative or read-only web pages. These websites don’t require frequent changes or customized content because they are brief (three to four pages, max.

At Web Karo India, the best static website design company in India, we have qualified professionals, and we can help you create user-friendly, SEO-friendly websites that your customers will like.

Our websites are accessible from all platforms and load rapidly. In addition to offering thorough maintenance services, we may modify the website to suit your needs better.

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Don’t worry if you are still on the fence about trying it. We’ve immediately outlined all the awesome justifications for experimenting with static websites.

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The static site is considerably faster and simpler to load because no mediator or database is involved. A dynamic site created using a CMS is ten times slower than a static site. A static webpage can also be delivered from the node nearest to the browser, which speeds up performance.

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The potential for code injection is small for a static website since no intermediary, i.e., the database is involved. No dynamic software or plugins are used to host the website. Static websites are more secure than dynamic ones since they don’t rely on CMS, Plugins, etc.

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